Solo Concept - How to choose a mattress

Herewith we would like to share our experience regarding the process of choosing a mattress for You and Your family.


We know that every person is unique and has its own preferences, but there are some common rules when choosing and buying a mattress.

The most important factor in choosing a bed mattress is comfort - and contrary to popular belief, a mattress doesn’t have to be hard to be good for you. As long as it has a good supporting structure, the amount of padding on top is down to personal preference.

  • Even it takes some time it is always recommended to lie on different types of mattresses so as to know what kind of hardness and thickness you prefer.

  • Take the time to explore the content of the mattress, so as to see whether the materials used in the mattress correspond to your vision of quality and comfort.

  • Take the maximum of the information given by the sales assistant or web-site regarding the guarantee, production and delivery opportunities.

  • Check whether the mattress you have chosen has passed tests at well-know certified laboratories