Materials used in Solo Concept products

In the production of Solo Concept products are used only high-quality and certified materials. We make our best to implement the newest and most proven raw materials

solo concept material

Bonnel Springs

The most widely used sleeping system in mattresses both orthopedic and anatomic.The springs are connected with each other and that assures stable surface and durability. There are different types of Bonnel springs, which differ in diameter of the used wire, number, turns, diameter of the spring, form and other – each type gives different feeling of comfort.

solo concept material

Pocket spring units

This technology is revolutionary because of the fact that it changes the basic characteristics of all kinds of springs used before the invention of pocket springs .As comes from the name, the idea is that every spring is packed individually in a non-woven pocket, all the pockets springs are connected by an elastic connection. This type of springs allow to take its natural position and assure the necessary support.

solo concept material

Memory Foam

Very popular material from the class of polyurethane foam but because of using some chemical reagents with improved physico-chemical properties. It does not create static electricity and can take the forms of your body. It is an excellent additiona to every kind of mattress.

solo concept material


The cotton fibers are naturally soft and kind to skin, The fabrics made from them are adaptive to the changes of temperature and moisture in the atmosphere. The cotton is used from more than 7000 years for clothing and it keeps the human body from sun, rain, hot and cold weather.